How to Study the Bible and Understand – A Simple Man

One Sunday morning in arctic Wisconsin there was abhorrent winter acclimate and a lot of aggregate was bankrupt down as a result. The abbey area I acquaintance is about an hour drive from our home. As I prayed about it, I acquainted that God was cogent us to go in. Reluctantly, yet obediently, I loaded up my babe and my wife and we began the drive to the service.

I was a continued ride in but we fabricated it cautiously and afterwards incident. I accept that the aristocrat absolutely assigned a host of angels to watch over our travels. I accept appear to accept and accept that if we are walking in accordance to God, gluttonous his commonwealth first, that we are beneath a abnormal barrier of protection. Attending at it this way, if Jesus is your Aristocrat you accept called to battle. It is up to you whether or not you accept to do action with an absolute army of angels or go it alone.

Here in the USA some years aback the US Army started this absurd angle of “an Army of 1″. It was to play on adolescent man or woman’s admiration to feel special, unique, and empowered. The reality, on the added hand, is this. There is no army fabricated of one individual. That is a vigilante acting on there own for that individual’s faculty of justice.

The alone able warfare is that of abounding alive against the aforementioned goal. So it is with the physique of Christ, we are to walk, fight, and allege in accordance with God’s Word. If we do this we can bigger position ourselves in the action area we will be a lot of effective. If you wish to apprehend anon from God apprehend your Bible. If you wish to apprehend the articulation of God apprehend it out loud. If you wish to accept His means and purpose – read, accept carefully, and afresh altercate what you accept heard with him in prayer… afresh accept again.

You may ask how we can bigger accept the Bible and abstraction it effectively? One way is to accumulate calm with others area the accuracy of God’s Chat is announced acutely and accurately.

Back to the abbey that Sunday morning…

When we arrived, there was just a scattering of humans that were able to accomplish it in that morning. Our Pastor acquainted God was arch us to do something a little altered that morning. We would address our account ‘LIVE’ to Facebook and we would acknowledgment questions in absolute time that our angle asked. This gave the befalling for others to ask catechism that they may not ask in person. During a abbey account is not consistently the a lot of accessory abode for allurement questions. So we approached it band as a Panel Q & A Session. It was a abundant befalling to ability out and affix with those who cannot appear out in person.

The alone botheration we did accept is that we did not accept time to acknowledgment all of the questions that our internet admirers asked. Thus the bearing of ” A Catechism of Faith”. Through this podcast, we achievement to abide giving answers to the harder questions that are not generally not asked in abbey and accordingly larboard changing in the minds of believers and non-believers as well.

Here are some simple tips that will advice you to bigger accept the Bible:

  1. Recognize the ascendancy of God and abandonment to the ascendancy of the aggressive word, the Holy Bible. You accept to about-face abroad from your old way of cerebration and be accommodating to attending at activity through a new lens if you will. Go to the Bible and apprehend about how God would accept you reside and afresh alpha active it.
  2. Study the Bible. Like any added affair in your activity that you admiration to apprentice about, you cannot artlessly just apprehend a book about it. You accept to abstraction that material. Apprehend for retention. Apprehend as admitting you are analytic to acquisition a hidden accuracy that will adapt your activity for all eternity. You will acquisition it. As you apprehend His Word, ask God to accord you advice and understanding. Afresh access it simply,”God said it, that’s it, end of story. If my acceptance does not band up with God’s chat it is my compassionate that needs adjusting, not God’s Word.”
  3. Remain advanced and access your abstraction time as a apprentice with a admiration to bare the truth. If you accept to apprehend afterwards any assumption notions about the Bible your affection will be added accessible to accepting what God has to say to you through it.
  4. Pray as you apprehend and study. If you apprehend something that seems to angle out in your reading, stop and ask God what it is that he is aggravating to advise you through it. Take some time afterwards anniversary account and abstraction affair to stop and just anticipate about what it is that you accept just read. This time is acute to audition God allege as your affection has just been tilled like beginning clay and the berry of accuracy has been planted. Let the active baptize of God’s adumbration advice it to grow.
  5. Make abiding to apprehend in context. For convenience, the Bible was torn down into capacity and verses. Sometime a individual ballad may alone be a area of the absolute book that was written. Can you brainstorm aggravating to accept a chat if you were alone able to apprehend bisected of the sentences?
  6. Most importantly, apprehend the Bible with the absorbed to acquisition what God is aggravating to advise you. Do not use the Bible to try and abutment your beliefs. God’s Chat is the final ascendancy in all matters… even if it is not popular.

I achievement that you acquisition this to be a advantageous aid in allowance you on your adventure to bigger compassionate the Bible, God’s Holy Word.


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